The first things a person will ask after being invited to a party is, “When and where?” Before you can get to the when, you must decide where. This can be the most intimidating step in event planning. The venue you choose will determine all the other aspects of your party: size, entertainment options, food, even event date. There are many things to consider when making this decision.


Location, Location, Location


Although it’s tempting to choose a venue based on aesthetics, you also need to take into consideration the distance from most attendees’ homes. Holding an event within a reasonable commute for guests will increase the chances they will attend, as well as be on time. Also take into consideration traffic and other large event venues nearby. It would be tragic to plan your wedding near a college campus during a football game, so be cognizant of other events.


The Technical Stuff


There are many logistics involved with event planning. The type of event you are planning will need to be in line with what the venue can provide. Lighting, acoustics, stage size, room size, and layout can all be factors for consideration. Parking and bathroom accessibility are also often overlooked when making a venue decision. Public transportation may be important for your guests if they do not drive themselves or could need other drivers for their trip home.




Ask about staffing at your event during your initial venue tour. Be sure that there will be adequate staffing available during your entire event. You may also want to ask if they have other events occurring simultaneously that may detract from your event. During and after your initial tour, a reliable venue will be responsive to your needs. If it’s impossible to get a call back or receive answers to your questions, that is a good indication that the staffing at your event will also be subpar.


Choosing the event for your location is exciting. Be sure you take all factors into consideration and don’t be blinded by beautiful landscapes or prestige. There are many event venues for you to choose among, so make sure you find one that fits all your needs.