There’s no pressure like being in charge of planning a corporate event for your business. The speaker, the food, the location and other details take an enormous amount of planning, and everything has to fit within a specific budget. Texas throws in the additional challenge of unpredictable weather. It’s either hot and humid or cold and wet, and around the Dallas area those two extremes frequently occur within a few days of each other. Here’s how to set yourself up for success.

State the Gathering’s Purpose


First, identify the event’s objective. If you’re planning a company training, all activities should facilitate and enhance employee learning. If you’re showcasing or celebrating organizational success, your event will have an entirely different tone.

Find Out Your Budget


Before you can plan food, transportation, venue rental and activities, you need to know what you can spend. Once you have a budget, start listing expenses like room rental, catering, service ware, training materials and decorating supplies. Don’t forget the cost of marketing, promotions and presentation printouts.

One way to stretch your budget is to find a venue that already offers much of what you’re looking for. If it already provides a unique atmosphere, spacious facilities, the necessary equipment and food, the venue typically costs less than having to buy each of those things individually.

Visit Locations


You can only tell so much from a website or photograph. Decide which venue is right for your event with an actual visit. Have a few dates in mind for your event, since flexibility might get you a price break. Find out what’s included in venue rental and what extras you will be responsible for. Make sure your speaker is available at the same time you book your location.


Effortless Success


Blaine Stone Lodge makes it easy to organize a successful corporate event with the following:

  • A southern hospitality breakfast and customizable lunch
  • A spacious main lodge with Wi-Fi and projector screen that accommodates 250 guests
  • Smaller, well-equipped meeting rooms for breakout groups
  • Unique activities like a ride on our hydroplaning Spin boat, clay shooting, and mountain biking
  • Climate controlled tented facilities for up to 1,500 employees

Our executive chef always provides the highest quality, made-to-order menu, and our staff takes pride in customizing each event to meet your needs. Contact us to find out more.