Are you planning (or have you been asked to plan) a corporate event? Include these seven key elements to improve your chances of success.

Know the “why”

There are a myriad of reasons for having a corporate event: boost employee morale, training, marketing/brand awareness, networking, team building, or education. Before you jump into planning, you should know the “why” behind the event.

Once you know the “why”, you’ll be able to identify the target audience for the event more accurately. Is this just for your company, or will you invite other organizations to attend? You want the attendees to be qualified in the sense that those in attendance help you achieve the desired results.

It’s best to have no more than three end goals to increase your chances of accomplishing them. Possible goals might be:

  • Employees leave understanding how new policies impact their specific department
  • Attendees recognize our company as a leader in the industry
  • Employees better understand how each other’s strengths contribute to the success of the team as a whole
  • Attendees will be able to identify ways our products will improve their business processes

Know what you can spend

Budgets keep spending from getting out of control and may keep you from losing your job. When you’re asked to plan an event, one of the first questions you need answered is what budget you have. Most other decisions are contingent on that piece of information.

Know the story you’re telling

What’s the theme of your event? This is about more than just decorations (although that may be part of it); it’s directly tied to the goal of your event. The theme will tie all of the scheduled pieces of the event together with a common thread. Possible corporate event themes might be:

  • Innovate
  • Inspire
  • Momentum
  • Remembering the past; looking to the future

Know how you’ll get the word out

If you work at a large company, or if you plan to include people from multiple companies in your event, you need to have a promotional strategy in place. What marketing materials will you need? How will you deliver them and to whom? This could be anything from a formal invitation in the mail to a social media campaign to brochures or all of the above. Keep in mind that the promotion doesn’t stop once the event starts. Social media allows attendees to share the hype using designated hashtags. And your follow-up methods could be the difference in making or keeping a new client.

Know the “where”

The venue of an event sets the tone and the mood. In addition to choosing a location that represents your company and the goals of the event well, you want to ensure the following:

  • Is the venue large enough to accommodate the numbers you anticipate?
  • What amenities are included (e.g. tables and chairs, set-up, sound system)?
  • What’s the reputation of the staff at the venue? (This is especially important if the staff will be serving your guests directly.)
  • What vibe do you get when you walk in? Your first impression will be similar to the first impressions of your guests.

Know the “whens”

Scheduling a corporate event requires more than choosing a date on the calendar. It demands the careful coordination of multiple moving parts, including the event agenda. As you plan the event, keep travel time for invitees in mind. Pay attention to when other industry events might be scheduled and avoid trying to compete for that time slot. Include scheduled breaks so attendees can step out to the restroom without missing key elements of the event.

Know how to work the A/V equipment

…or have someone on hand who does. Nothing is worse than attending an event when you can’t hear what the speaker says or when the slide presentation doesn’t work. It reflects poorly on the host of the event and occasionally on the speaker. Double-check wi-fi connections, wireless microphone batteries, and all the other A/V stuff you might take for granted.

Blaine Stone Lodge was built with corporate events in mind. Close to Dallas/Fort Worth and adjacent to TexPlex Park, it’s the ideal venue for companies in the metroplex area. Our industrial sized catering kitchen and audio visual equipment are waiting. Give us a call to check availability.