Weddings are a special day to remember for couples beginning their lives together. With a number of scenic locations to choose from, many brides and grooms today opt for a summer wedding. As with any venue, there are certain factors to keep in mind to ensure your big day goes as smoothly as possible. Remember these tips and items to avoid for an outdoor wedding of your dreams.


Know the Staff

Find out who your contact will be during the planning process. Make sure they fit your wedding as well as personal needs. In some cases, the point person for wedding planning and the point person for the actual day aren’t the same person. Ask the venue’s policy to ensure you receive all contact information.


Have a Back-Up Plan

Although no one wants to think about rain on their wedding day, weather is an inevitable factor in choosing a venue. Make sure the property allows for a plan B in the event of inclement weather. Look at this space closely, and confirm that you love it as much as the original space.


Ask About Décor Restrictions

Everyone has their own personal preferences for decorating, so be sure to ask if there are any restrictions at possible venues that inhibit you from transforming the space. How are lights and draperies hung? Does the venue allow open-flamed candles? Check far enough in advance for proper planning.


Consider Band and Vendor Needs

By contract, most bands require a separate space to gather and rest between sets. Vendors need space for their items, so it’s recommended they have an extra area as well. Anticipate parking for these services. Communicate clearly where you would like their vehicles strategically parked to avoid confusion and ensure quality of service.


Inquire About Restrooms

A general rule of thumb for weddings is one bathroom or stall for every 35 guests. Ask about the restroom options available and think about renting more if needed. A few subtle extras to add can include:

  • Luxury soaps
  • Fresh flowers
  • In-room music
  • Air conditioning/fans
  • Monogrammed towels